Minerals & Fossils
  Storm Glass  

Storm Glasses
Storm Glasses produced by Wunderkammer. Hermetically sealed precisely combined chemical solution produces various crystalline formations depending upon atmospheric conditions.


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  Radiometer   Radiometers
Wunderkammer stocks the Crookes Radiometer, the first version of which was invented by Sir William Crookes in 1873. An example of curious motion in a near vacume.

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  Stirling Engine   Stirling Engines
This Stirling Engine will run endlessly on any warm surface. Once touted as a possible replacement for the internal combustion engine, these devices are a fascinating demonstration of 'zero pollution free energy'.


  Posters   Steam Engines
Various new & antique models are in stock. Please enquire.

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  Posters   Singapore Ball
A curious, interactive mechanical metal ball. Just watch your fingers!